All Gas…No Brakes

Two of my favorite sayings:

“Big hat, big boots… No cattle” and the similar…  “All smoke…No roast”

It occurs to me that too many businesses suffer from my own variation:

“All Gas… No brakes”

The hurry to reach what realistically should be their 5-7 year goal/vision in 2 years (or less) has, among other ills, caused business owners to let their sales and marketing initiatives get so far ahead of their operational capabilities that they drown under their own new business success.

As military history proves, the speed at which an army can sustain an effective advance is directly related to the speed at which supply/support forces can follow up behind them.

While you spend a lot of time driving your sales and marketing efforts forward… Do you have a plan in place on how you are going to provide the exceptional service to the new clients that you expect to gain this month, quarter or year? How much time, energy and money do you spend on THAT vs. your sales and marketing efforts?

Applying some brakes to your sales efforts to allow your business to take on new clients with care and attention will yield a superior first impression, promote consistently positive word of mouth and a sales force that can go out with greater confidence that they can absolutely deliver on the promises they are selling.

It also provides you with the time to hire at your own pace, train your team properly and make sure your existing clients do not suffer from your growth.

What’s more, slowing things down to a speed that can be managed with great control and care, ironically, creates a steady increase of speed that still allows you to enjoy the scenery along the way.

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