Forgot What It Feels Like To Run A Successful Business From All The RELENTLESS Stress, Struggles & Stalls You’re Facing?

Discover The 60-Day Solution Not One Of Your Life Coaches Or Business Consultants Have EVER Suggested

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In this FREE Masterclass, we will nail:

Why all the life coaches and business consultants you’ve ever hired were never going to cut if you really want to dig yourself out of this hole you’re in (and the shovel you really need!)

How $1 and a chessboard could be the answer to getting your business, old self, and life back from total misery.

Why you’re not alone in losing money, barely breaking even, and getting dangerously and unbearably close to letting people go in your business (AND you’d be crazy to think you are).

How running a business is supposed to feel - spoiler alert: what you’re experiencing right now is not it by a LONG SHOT.

​And more!

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Disclaimer: Your Pride Must Be Put Aside For 30-Minutes To Truly Benefit From This Masterclass.


About Your Host: Howard Mann

Proudly not a life coach, or business consultant, Howard approaches fixing broken, beaten down, and bullheaded businesses (and their owners) differently.

Unconventional yet undisputedly successful, for over 20 years Howard has helped revive 100’s of businesses back to their best, by rolling his sleeves up, and working alongside their owners to remind them of what they got into business in the first place for.*

*Surprise! It is NOT about resenting every second, working all hours under the sun, and seeing your executive team more than your family.

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