Dear Business Book Authors and Publishers

We all have stacks of business books on our nightstands. We rarely read them and finish less.  Why? 

1) You can get the whole idea of the book in the first 25-30 pages but you insist on writing 300 pages more

2) You focus so much on the idea that you forget to let us know how we plug it into our business so we get value.

If any business reads a book that actually helps their particular business grow faster or generate more profit you will not be able to print enough.  Even if that book is 20 pages long and costs $50.00 a copy. Fact.

I love business books as much as anyone. Maybe more. But I am also deeply disappointed in them 99 times out of 100. And yet I keep buying them. Somehow hoping that the next one will deliver on the promise on the cover. That the last 50 pages will be as valuable as the first 50.  Because, if they are not, why did you take the time to write it and, Mr/Mrs Publisher why did you waste the money to print it?

You are working from an old playbook that has spelled doom for music, magazines, Newspapers and more to come. Your industry is filled with people that follow a specific model because that is what has been done in the past. But your job and your purpose (Your basic) is not to follow a VC model and launch 10 books and hope 2-3 are a hit.  Your job, basic and purpose is to the conduit and megaphone for great business minds to share what they know with as many business people as possible. You publish books, of any shape and size, that make change and you win. Full stop.

So, if that is your purpose, then the ways you can fulfill and prove it immediately expand far beyond the traditional publishing co focused formula.  Who will be the business publishing house that is on a mission to drive business results? 


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