Lose Your Nemesis

I have been fiddling around with something I call my “Nemesis Theory” for a few years now. The more business owners I work with, the more it seems to be a key impediment to getting to their unique truths, creativity and power.

I believe that every business has at least 1 “Nemesis.” An arch-rival competitor, the company that stole a big client, stole a key member of your staff (or vice versa) or otherwise just consistently pisses you off in some way or another.

I think this phenomena dates back to our earliest days in school. We all had a nemesis in school, friends who seem to have more while working less, etc… and those comparisons consumed a lot of time and always made us nuts!

While there are countless books written about competition, defeating your business enemy, david and goliath theories, sales techniques, etc…. The conclusion I keep coming back to… it is all a HUGE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY.

Obsessing about your competitors,trying to match/best their offerings and/or measuring your company against them has no great really has no winning outcome. Instead, it simply prohibits your company from finding its PERSONAL way to be meaningful to your clients, staff and prospects. i.e. It blocks a company from finding its own identity.

This is not “focus on your customers” theory disguised in different clothes… The focus for me is to try to find a more permanent path to help business owners get comfortable with a new way to break out of this fundamentally bad habit.

“Lose Your Nemesis”

Certainly more to come… But would certainly appreciate input and feedback.

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