Imagine.... A 60 day process where we work together to make your business profitable and growing again. Forever.

How long you want to endure the pain, stress and worry that comes from owning a business that feels stuck or struggling it up to you. Our clients got sick and tired of their business making them feel sick and tired. Year after year after year. They hired consultants and coaches with fancy theories and promises. None of them worked. For over 20 years we have helped business owners navigate out of the toughest of times. Let us show you a process that is powerful because of how focused and practical it is.

The Fastest, No Nonsense, Way To Turnaround Your Business And Create Reliable Growth

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Howard Mann and I help frustrated entrepreneurs get ‘unstuck’. Since I sold my company 19 years ago, I’ve helped other business owners avoid the many problems I had to overcome. There were many strategies which would have made life much easier had I known them back then…

Unfortunately, I had to learn them the hard way. Through the school of hard knocks. However, it doesn’t have to be this way for you. I’ll show you how to regain control of your business and make it fun to run like it was always supposed to be.

You Can FINALLY Start Working ON Your Business Again Instead Of In It

If you’re like many of the other entrepreneurs I talk to, you’re frustrated with where you’ve ended up. You worked so hard to build your business to where it is now, yet you still work long hours. While your growth and profits have almost come to a halt despite your efforts.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. When you’re so close to your business you can’t see the forest through the trees. Or, as I like to say, it’s hard to read the label when you’re stuck inside the bottle. I’ll be your set of expert eyes which points you to where the easy money is.

My Proven Track Record For Ending Businesses Losses And Helping Grow Profit

Like I said, my name is Howard Mann and I had my own international freight and logistics company with revenues over $150M+ that was sold in January of 2000. Since then I’ve helped stuck entrepreneurs like you reignite growth, passion and profit in their businesses.

I’ve also authored 2 books – Your Business Brickyard and Don’t Perfume The Pig which have been acclaimed by global business guru, author and speaker Tom Peters and Bo Burlingham, editor at Forbes. I’m also a regular public speaker on business growth. However, nothing compares to helping my clients generate an extra $200M+ in pure profit and improve their business lives.

Claim Your Free Deep Dive Breakthrough Session Now

Discover How To Overcome Your Biggest Problems & Unlock The Hidden Profit & Growth Opportunities In Your Business

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What You Can Expect At Your Free Business Breakthrough Session…

  • WARNING: Don’t Fall Into The Dreaded Entrepreneurial Trap!This fatal trap sucks in even the most seasoned entrepreneurs, and when it gets you it can suck the life out of you and be the end of your business!

  • The Core Strategies That Will Return Your Business To A Profit MachineSick of not getting the results you deserve from your business? I’ll show you how to transform your business into the strong and profitable company it was meant to be

Claim Your Free Deep Dive Breakthrough Session Now

Discover How to overcome Your Biggest Problems & Unlock The Hidden Profit & Growth Opportunities In Your Business (Value $5000)

You Get A Hands-On Growth Partner With Out Giving Up Equity In Your Business, There To Support You 24/7

I’m your hands-on growth partner, a ‘player-coach’ who gets their hands dirty and doesn’t just sit on the sideline. Yes, I’m here to help you craft your strategies and overcome your problems. However, I’m also here to get in the game and get you over the line.

I can jump on sales calls, write marketing material, find and negotiate better financing – anything you need help with.  We work on every step of this process together. Sometimes one-on-one and sometimes together with key members of your team. All along, I am available to you. You can call me at 10pm when your biggest client threatens to leave or you have serious issues with a key employee. It’s the support you NEED to create real change.  You are no longer alone in the battle.

You Need A Custom Strategy As Unique As Your Business & That’s Exactly What I Give You

You won’t get a ‘cookie-cutter’ strategy which doesn’t fit your business. Many coaches and consultants use a rigid system which just gives you small incremental improvement. This isn’t enough to make a real difference, get you unstuck and create reliable profit growth.

I dig deep into your business and your market to find your strengths and weaknesses. I then craft a unique strategy to get you where you need to be in the shortest time possible. You’ll get a MINIMUM return of 10X my fee. And I even guarantee this by tying 50% of my fee to this measurable result.

Claim Your Free Deep Dive Breakthrough Session Now

Discover How to overcome Your Biggest Problems & Unlock The Hidden Profit & Growth Opportunities In Your Business (Value $5000)

Before We Go Any Further – I Want To Make It Clear What This Opportunity Is Not…

  • It’s Not Your Standard Business Coaching Or ConsultingIf you think I’m just another ‘expert’ who read a book or two and wants to tell you how to run your business, think again. I’ve been on the front line. I ran my own business with revenues over $150MM a year, with 6 offices and over 140 in staff. I’ve been where you are and I know how to get you unstuck and take you to a whole new level.

  • It’s Not A One-Size-Fits-All Type Of StrategyOther coaches and consultants try to mould your business around their strategy. They’ve got the whole process sectioned into rigid phases and they try to force you into it. Us REAL entrepreneurs know it does NOT work like that. I dig in deep, find out your problems and craft a strategy as unique as your business is.

  • It’s Not A Bunch Of Theory With No Tangible ResultsYou won’t get a series of unproven theories that look good on paper yet yield no real-world results. Only an ‘arm-chair’ business coach who’s never had a company of their own would think like this. You only get PROVEN successful strategies I’ve either used in my own company or I’ve seen work for my clients over the past 19 years.

  • It’s Not A Sugar-Coated Version Of The TruthYou certainly won’t get anything except the plain, honest TRUTH from me. I have a saying – ‘truth equals cash’. You need to be willing to hear the truth and act accordingly. I’m not here to pad your ego. I’m here to make your business life easier and more profitable. Simple as that.

  • It’s Most Definitely NOT For EveryoneI only take on 20 clients per year and I am very selective with who I work with. You must be a SERIOUS entrepreneur. You must have revenues over $3m a year. You must resonate with my attitude and approach. If any of this sounds like it doesn’t fit you – please, DO NOT APPLY.

Claim Your Free Deep Dive Breakthrough Session Now

Discover How to overcome Your Biggest Problems & Unlock The Hidden Profit & Growth Opportunities In Your Business

These Entrepreneurs Have Transformed Their Business With My Approach

The Business Brickyard 60 Day "100% Satisfaction" Guarantee

When you join The Business Brickyard you can invest with peace of mind because you are always covered by my rock-solid money back guarantee. Here’s how it works…

Get me working in your business, use my expert knowledge to overcome your problems and develop long-term strategies for your company. Do this for a full 60 days and if for some strange reason you don’t find value in my service and see no transformation in your business, you can request a full 100% money back guarantee at any time, no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what are you waiting for?

Free Deep-Dive Breakthrough Session + Profitability Health Check

Sign up for a free, no-obligation deep-dive breakthrough session with me, Howard Mann. These no holds barred sessions are designed to diagnose the biggest problem of your business so you can get unstuck, start growing your business again and finally have some fun again!

Here’s what's included:

  • 1 x 60 Minute Deep-Dive Breakthrough Sessions where I’ll uncover your company’s biggest threats and opportunities, how to deal with them to ensure lasting business growth and profit. These sessions will reveal how you can finally make your business enjoyable again and built it into what you always envisioned.

  • Bonus 2: A copy of my books Your Business Brickyard and Don’t Perfume The Pig

  • Bonus 3: I will explain every step of the Business Brickyard process.  How we will combine very specific tools to get you back to reliable profitability AND how you will reorganize your business offer so you can reliably attract and close new clients.