People Just Don’t Read Anymore

Is this twitter, digital, frenetic short attention span world. Nobody will take the time to read anymore.  I have said something similar a bunch of times in the last month.  And, in many ways, it is true.

But do you know what people are reading and will continue to read? Good writing.

And good writing is not the sanitized, safe and written by committee marketing and sales copy you are putting out on your web site, sales literature and proposals.  It only takes 2 sentences to realize that you have heard it all before. It is not that people wont read more, they just don’t need to. 

They want to read a story. They want to learn something new.  They want to get to know the people inside your organization.  They want to feel the personality of your business. They want to be inspired. 

Do that, in everything that you put in front of anyone that you want to connect with, and they will read.  If not, save everyone the trouble, time and expense and don’t bother writing anything at all.

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