Tell Them How It’s Made And Add Real Value

A while ago I wrote about the impact an organization can make when they take the time to show the audience how something is made. We often forget all the work and thinking that goes into the products that we take for granted. (Original article is here).

Apple demonstrates this again today as they launch their new line of laptops.?? They spent a lot of time discussing how the body of the laptop is made from a single piece of aluminum, why that is important and what it all looks like.?? They even made this elaborate video that shows the entire manufacturing process and the design decisions made along the way.

I defy anyone to watch this and not feel that the laptops are worth a little more money than before they watched it.?? How armed are you now to explain the inner workings of your laptop to friends??? How much more connected do you feel about the product??? YOU are now the expert.

Compare that to how you feel about reading the specs of a new laptop from Dell, Sony and the rest.They may do exactly the same things or even better.?? It simply does not matter if they fail to share the story.

Knowledge is power.?? Keeping it a secret adds to the blur.

If you are wondering why people will not pay more for what you make or do, you should start by asking yourself how much they understand the work that goes into it.?? I don’t care if it is a tax return, a light switch or a $100,000 sports car. You add value when your customers know all the details, all of the expertise and all of the thinking behind it.

So when will you make a video that explains it? ?? How about a short ebook??? Maybe set up your own keynote and tell your story?

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