Reignite Your Business (And The Life It Provides You).


Since 2001, we have fought alongside brave business owners who are stuck or struggling and need a different kind of support to reignite their business.
If, and only if, you are willing to do what is necessary to change the future of your business, our process will get you to a far stronger position and make your business thrive once more.


Our approach is not sexy or filled with fancy consultant jargon. It is as effective as it is practical. It has been built over 25 years of fixing the most difficult of business challenges you can imagine.  The business situations that fuel worry, stress and fear in every business owner.  The kind of issues that are keeping you up at night. The “fires” you are putting out all day, every day, with no end in sight. Our clients are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of their business and take the brave step to ask for help.

When your business is struggling, how you personally feel about your business (and running it) is just as important as understanding the strategy and tactics that will turn your business around. One should always be fueling the other.

If you are not ready to talk about both, you can stop reading here.

Still here? Good.

Take time to understand our philosophy and then, if it resonates with you, let’s schedule a confidential conversation.

Apply now, or keep digging…

At The Business Brickyard, we work with business owners leading companies that are stuck or struggling. For some of these businesses, our work can mean the difference between success and failure. Others would like to maximize value so they can sell the business to serve their next dream or raise capital to fuel new growth. Others just want a business that gives them enough profit and impact so it creates comfort and fulfillment. Regardless of the destination, the objective here is always to develop a supremely durable business that operates at its highest possibility. A business that has total clarity of message and mission, inside and out, and the right tools to think bigger until the results show up in your cash account. The methods we use are based on time-worn ideas, fresh thinking and our experience running businesses ourselves in good times and bad.

Our work emphasizes the perfect execution of the basics of all great businesses, streetsmart marketing, achievable innovation, relentless execution and integrity without exception because these are the factors that have always worked and always will.

The Business Brickyard is not a typical business turnaround program. We live at the intersection of innovation agent, CEO coach and strategic advisor. We uncover solutions that others simply cannot see and turn them into focused plans that get real-world results. Too many consultants, strategic initiatives and quarterly goal-setting systems fail to understand how to create the tangible transformation and growth that entrepreneurial business owners desire. 

We look to put your business strategies under extreme stress so they will excel where others break. We always start with the truth and you need to be willing to hear it. For us, truth equals cash. Harsh but true. Stressors are intentionally applied to cause discomfort and apprehension. What you really want for your business and your life are on the other side of this discomfort. Then, and only then, can the right turnaround plan be put into place. Knowing that you will not be going through it alone changes the experience. Effort and dedication to seeing things through are what matters to us. The support of people that understand what it means to own a business and are dedicated to the highest goals you desire provides a safety net.

An individual will push harder and risk more in the company of a trusted peer and that’s one reason The Business Brickyard is not for everyone. In fact, it is for the very few.


The Business Brickyard is a business strategy and execution program for when times are tough. We measure where you are across the key factors that predict business strength and pure value. From there we dig deep to develop a plan that works for your business and for you personally. Never one without the other.

From there we demand accountability to the promises you will make to yourself. We stay connected and responsive to push through blocks and maintain enthusiasm. Our clients realize that bringing in outside support and ideas when, as we like to say, it has become hard to read the label from inside the bottle, is the best thing to do for yourself and your business. For when you are tired of driving home worried if your business will survive and what that will do to your life.

The Business Brickyard is an attitude. We do not pray at the altar of a startup culture that manages burn rates and funding rounds. To us, that is risky investing and not entrepreneurship. We look to be a safe and welcome home for those that have built a business that means everything to their life, their family and those they care about. Our approach protects and re-ignites what you have built as if it was our own.


We provide the tools and support to help you make your business grow again AND provide the connected support to ensure that bigger vision becomes reality. Period.

Over the course of 60-90 days (We do not believe in the benefit of consultants that take a year to get done what must get done as quickly as possible), your business will become a Brickyard business. Stronger, more innovative and more nimble than your competitors. From there, we decide together how best to continue to support you in what comes next. Some ask us to help them continue to grow, others ask us to help them sell their business in a better way, others simply shake our hands and know they can always call us whenever they need us. No matter what, you will forever be a part of a group of entrepreneurs that did not choose the easy path, give up or settle for the status quo.

One last point: We choose clients. Clients don’t choose us. We invite the ones we want to work with to join us. We choose business owners who resonate with our attitude and approach and whose businesses inspire us.


Howard Mann runs every engagement. No teams of junior consultants who have never run a business.  You can learn more about Howard here, read his books or the many articles and podcast interviews linked to this site. 

Every engagement begins with a series of confidential conversations.  We have been doing this type of work for over 20 years and we know that the real issues are never on the surface.  Once we fully understand the situation, we will suggest the minimum level of engagement that will support the changes that need to be changed with the urgency they need to happen.

Our engagements range from as little as a weekly coaching calls and all the way to partnering as an interim/co-CEO and everywhere in between.  

You will have access to Howard at all times via email and text.  Business does not fit neatly into scheduled calls and reaching out in those in-between moments when you need support is not merely offered, it is required.

You and your business have suffered long enough.  We will fix both and, humbly, we are the very best at it.

That’s it. Now, make a choice. Could you use some help or would you like to continue on your own? 


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