Profit = Freedom

At The Business Brickyard, we train business owners and their executive teams to reliably attract and win better clients. For some, our work can mean the difference between success and failure. Others would like to maximize the value of their business so they can sell the business to serve their next dream or raise capital to fuel new growth. Regardless of the destination, the objective here is always to develop a supremely profitable business that operates at its maximum potential. A business that has total clarity of message and mission, inside and out, and the right tools to think bigger until results show up in your cash account. The strategies we use are based on time-worn ideas, fresh thinking and our experience running businesses ourselves in good times and bad.

Here is what you need to know:

It is not coaching: CEO/entrepreneur coaching is too much listening and not enough doing. It lacks a true understanding about your business, your competitors and your clients. Our player-coach approach dives deep into your business up front so we craft a strategy that is bulletproof and then take action alongside of you to double speed and impact. We go on sales calls, write marketing copy, find better banking relationships, help make key hires, raise capital and represent businesses that want to be sold.

It is not for everyone: We only work with 10 clients at a time. We choose our clients, they do not choose us. We invite the ones we want to work with to join us. We choose business owners who resonate with our attitude and approach and whose businesses inspire us.

It is not one-size-fits all: Typical coaching programs have a step-by-step plan, format and structure that is the same for every business. This approach takes a bad strategy and puts it into organized forms so you can take action on it. You may feel more organized but that does not deliver real results. Yes, we have sophisticated assessment and profit optimization tools but first we battle test the strategy, connect it to your dreams and craft a custom plan that is as unique as your business and what you personally want to achieve from it.

It is results/outcome driven: The start of the Brickyard process will uncover the specific steps required for your business to become a profit making machine. That will become our shared singular focus.
We prove it by tying up to 50% of our fee to you realizing that result. If we cannot decide on an outcome that is significant enough, we cannot work together. No exceptions.

Apply now, or keep digging…

The Business Brickyard is not a typical business program. We live at the intersection of strategy, coaching and getting shit done. It is coaching AND doing. We deliver solutions that others simply cannot see and turn them into focused plans that get massive results.

If you are looking for a one size fits all program or quarterly goal setting system that only connects with you every 90 days then we are not for you. Too many “systems” take a poorly crafted strategy and organize it on fancy forms and are led by individuals that have never run a business themselves. Each client we work with has a unique destination and, therefore, require a unique strategy to get there. We leave the cookie cutters for baking.

We look to put your business strategies to extreme stress so they excel where others fall apart. We always start with the truth and you need to be willing to hear it. For us, truth equals cash. Harsh but true. Stressors are intentionally applied to cause discomfort and apprehension. We have learned, the hard way, that what you really want for your business and your life are on the other side of this discomfort. Then, and only then, can the right plan be put in place. Knowing that you will not be going through it alone changes the experience. Effort and dedication to seeing things through is what matters to us. The support of people that understand what it means to own a business and are dedicated to the highest goals you desire provides a safety net.

An individual will push harder and risk more in the company of trusted peers and that’s one reason The Business Brickyard is not for everyone. In fact, it is for the very few.

What It Is

The Business Brickyard is an outcome focused profit creation and acceleration program. For us, growth for the sake of growth is about ego. Profit is what will create the freedom you deserve from your business.  Together we will create a destination
and a driving passion to get there. Do you need to increase profitability so you earn more? Do you need to double the value of your business to support your future plans?
Do you need to reverse losses or declining profit? We will have the hard conversations that need to be had to make the outcome crystal clear.

We then reverse engineer that outcome to develop a plan that works for your business and for you personally. Never one without the other. We use proprietary tools
to measure where you are across the key factors that predict profitability and market value. We will meet virtually 3 times a month, with constant connection in between calls,
and in person quarterly for a full day assessment and reset.

We demand accountability to the promises you will make to yourself. We stay connected and responsive, like no business you have ever worked with, to push through
blocks and maintain enthusiasm and passion. Emails, texts and quick calls at any time are not just encouraged, they are required. Your business does not wait for set
calls and meetings so neither do we.

Our clients realize that bringing in outside experts when, as we like to say, it has become hard to read the label from inside the bottle, is the best thing to
do for yourself and your business. For when you are tired of driving home feeling like your business is not living up to its promise.

The Business Brickyard is an attitude. We do not pray at the altar of the startup culture that manages burn rates and funding rounds. To us, that is simply
investing and hope. It’s not entrepreneurship.

We look to be a safe and welcome home for those that have built a business that means everything to their life, their family and those they care about.
That is entrepreneurship to us. Our approach protects and re-ignites what you have built as if it was our own.

What Does It Cost?

Because everything we do is based on a specific and measurable outcome, we tie up to 50% of our fee to an increase in profit. At all times, we make sure that outcome is at least 10X our fee to eliminate small thinking and results that cannot be clearly measured in dollars or real business value.

At the end of each year, we decide together how best to continue to support you in what comes next. Some continue because the goal was set to take multiple
years to accomplish. Some ask us to help them to work with key team members, others ask us to help them sell their business the Brickyard way, others simply shake
our hands and know they can always call us whenever they need us. No matter what, you will forever be a part of an elite group of entrepreneurs that did not choose
the easy path, give up or settle for the status quo.

Remember, we choose clients. Clients don’t choose us. But, if you have read this far and feel energized by our approach, we urge you to apply and have a first conversation. Make a choice.


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