Better Business Builders.

When is the last time you felt good about your business?
When is the last time that your business put a smile on your face?
When is the last time you came up with a breakthrough plan or idea that finally gives you a level of business success that is deeply fulfilling?

What if you could get all of these things by being part of a committed peer/mastermind group AND one-on-one coaching from a highly engaged mentor? Welcome to The Business Brickyard.

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The Business Brickyard's founder Howard Mann, featured on The Matt Brown Show... Listen now.



So you can build a business that makes you proud. Read on...


An uncommon interview with A Smart Bear

An interview with The Business Brickyard's founder, Howard Mann.Read it...


Profit = Freedom

Revenue is an ego metric. Profit is a freedom metric.

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Why Business Owners Need a Player-Coach...

What happens when a business owner wants more, is no longer having fun, and is feeling the truism of the phrase, “It’s lonely at the top”? If you dig under the rationalizations, excuses and other superficial factors, not enjoying their business anymore is the core problem for so many business owners, read the article...


Don't perfume the pig

The highly anticipated follow-up to Your Business Brickyard.Get it now...


Your 36 Month


How would you run your business if your year was 36 months long?
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Businesses Should Be Fun To Run

It felt that way when you got started, right?

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"The Business Brickyard is my secret weapon!

The Business Brickyard protected and represented me before, during and after the transaction with the highest degree of integrity and skill.

I retained them to help run three different businesses I owned. Within 12 months, they doubled the revenue in all three companies while decreasing expenses.

Their work culminated in the sale of 2 of those businesses for my asking price of $8.5m, paid up front and without an earn-out. A home run in my book!"

Wayde Elliot,
Founder & CEO, Store It Inc.

About The Business Brickyard

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"The Business Brickyard helped our company propel forward...

The team not only helped Enroute find our purpose, but they also worked with us to build a strategic plan at a time when we were too close to the company to decipher the best way forward."

Meagan Zeman,
Founder, Enroute Systems Corp.

What Is Your Craft?

You are thinking about what you do in the wrong way. Read on...


The Brickyard Blog

Practical and tactical thinking on trends and business.

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Your Business BrickyardBY HOWARD MANN

“To call Your Business Brickyard a "bible" would not be an exaggeration.” - Tom Peters

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Bloomberg Businessweek interviews Howard Mann, founder of The Business Brickyard.

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